#2 Was I kinky enough to be his wife?

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‘’A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.’’ Mignon McLaughlin

Marriage is one thing that I look forward to but terrified at the same time. Sorry, but marriages scare the hell out of me. …

Bon Appetit

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In 1929, a massive stock market crash ushered in a nearly decade-long worldwide economic depression that would prove to be the most prolonged and widespread in recent history.

The rise of refrigeration, changes in the food supply chain, and the increased need for inexpensive meals led to a drastic change…

This will change the way you look at pirates

One of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean album can be heard singing, Yo, ho, ho! A pirate’s life for me. It makes a catchy lyric for sure. But the person who had written this had no idea, how unbelievably disgusting and disease-ridden, a pirate’s living conditions were.

The absence of…

You would be confused to decide if being a gladiator was a good thing or not


I know the term, ‘Gladiator’ took you back to your favorite hero, Russel Crowe, and his charming enemy Joaquin Phoenix. But, the representation of real-life gladiators in the movie was not even close to reality.

In ancient Rome, arena combat was an ingrained tradition that bridged the worlds of sports…

A free verse poetry

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My heart treaded
in crispy cold waters
not knowing
what lay further ahead.

It swam for a while
soaked in some love and light
but when the time came to resurface
It just couldn’t.

An unknown force
An unseen energy
forced it strongly
to stay put as it is.

The heart gasped
for air, for breath
it put forth its best
to end this horrific wrath.

But alas, it failed
the energy took over
as the pure redness
slowly got erased.

I should’ve known,
known this earlier
my heart was too naive
to swim in mean waters.

I’m on my bed. Chilled. Stretched out. Letting my eyes droop. Giving a nice closure to my day by checking my email one last time to see if there’s any new comment or clap on my stories.

And what do I see?

I see Ms. Hello Kitty has submitted a…

500th Story on Medium

Do you know what exactly is the function of the spleen?

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Hello There,

I hope all of you are doing great and keeping yourself safe and healthy. Let me welcome you all to the 15th Newsletter of Moon Light Confessions.

I have always thanked the Moon Light writers but never mentioned the readers. And I humbly apologize for the same.

I am so…

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My fighter fish died four days back and I couldn’t bear to see the bowl empty. I used to call her ‘Fishy’. Yeah, I know very typical, but I will very soon write a story about her time with me. …

Read it in one breath if you will

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Do you have?
gall bladder
small intestine
large intestine
nervous system
endocrine system
digestive system
reproductive system
amongst others.
If you said
yes to all
good for you
but that doesn’t
make you a human.
If your eyes
can’t shed tears
on someone else’s pain
hands can’t help
in dire need
heart can’t care for
someone genuinely
then stop calling yourself
a human — please…

Bhavna Narula

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