Call me crazy but that’s how I am

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Firstly a very Happy New Year to all the wonderful writers. I hope this year brings you lots of success and blessed life. As for me, I always felt extremely thankful for all the people who have followed me ever since I started writing.

Many of them applauded my work, shared their views, encouraged, appreciated, and acknowledged too. This has motivated me to keep coming up with something more creative and amazing each time, especially when I realize the pool of talent I am amongst.

So some may feel I am crazy or some may think I am creative, but…

Poem with Humor

Forgive me for bending some grammar rules

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I am a girl from India.
Oh what an Indian girl I am.

I have crossed 30.
30 is what I have fucking crossed.

People ask about my marriage.
Marriage is what people chew my brains for.

I tell them to calm down.
Calm your freaking ass is what I have to tell them.

They remind me of the biological clock.
The biological clock is what they use for blackmailing me.

I assure them, I am searching for a guy.
A guy is what I assure them I am searching for.

You may misunderstand the above sentence. For god’s sake…

Yes, I am indeed a genius in a bottle

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Hello Love,

Are you curious as to what this story is all about? Yes, you should be. In this age of awareness, curiosity never killed the writer. They should have a wholistique level of approach in order to become a successful writer.

But before I share my thoughts and ideas, let me sip my cutting chai. Tea always gives me a long-term perspective as to how to be unique and yet to be yourself.

Every writer from the ‘Ninja writer’s pub’ would agree that it is elemental for all the bloggers and writers to forge their writing skills to become…

Real-Life Humor

Yep, I can totally see that coming

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Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash

Since I am not really a bus or a train fan, which Dr. Sheldon Cooper will never forgive me for, my only commuting option to and fro from work is an autorickshaw. An autorickshaw in India is the Taj Hotel for a middle-class person. You pay a good fat fare and you travel in style.

Occasionally you may get thrown from side to side due to rash driving, or get into trouble due to the driver's careless attitude but you will reach your destination for sure. …

Space Poetry

Would you like a diamond necklace from space?

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Picture from Wikimedia Commons

A star exploded in space,
But maintained its dignity with grace.

12 Trillion miles stretched the giant ring,
Bright knots of gas mimicking a metallic ding.

‘Necklace Nebula' is what’s it’s called,
15000 light-years away it still stands sprawled.

The picture was shared by the NASA Hubble,
Their happiness sure was multiplied by double.

Bhavna Narula, 2021.

The above poem is inspired by a picture shared by NASA today where it captured the ‘necklace Nebula’ formed due to the explosion of a giant star. It looked like a diamond necklace in the sky. Took you back to your childhood days…


I feel too shy to admit

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Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

Every morning I wait for the first ray of the sun.
The sun that illuminates their beauty
beauty that is just out of this world.

The world would be incomplete without flowers
flowers give you a new hope to live
to live like there's no tomorrow.

They encourage you to confess your feelings
feelings that had been unsaid for years
years that have waited too long
longer than they deserved.

I too have decided to express my love
love that began with this universe
and will die only when it ceases to exist.

The flowers need to know I am…

Bhavna Narula

Teacher. Writer. Dancer. Editor at Long-term Perspective and HR Simplified. Follow me at

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