You have put it so perfectly, Gurpreet. I am shocked that despite so many people dying in front of hospitals, there are others who are forming cartels for vaccines, oxygen cylinders, and other medicines. It’s such a shame.

A girl lost her father in front of the hospital gate cos they refused to admit him. After his death, a politician ordered a probe but the daughter verbally abused him in public. What’s the use of the probe now, after she has lost her father.

Videos of people begging for oxygen cylinder and hospital beds breaks my heart, Gurpreet. Just like you, I cry too.

Instead of learning a lesson, people are showing a laid-back attitude and roaming around without masks. Some COVID positive people in my building are coming out and putting others lives in danger despite the quarantine period for them.

All this is showing the careless and inhumane attitude of Indians and the government too. People were always careless but during the disastrous times, they United same worked together.

But nowadays people are just acting selfish, stupid, and cruel. I pray daily that people who are Ill, recover, people who are poor never have to go hungry, people don’t lose their loved ones for shitty reasons like one oxygen cylinder. What a shame that would be.

You’re right my friend, we can pray with all our heart that things work out well for everyone and everyone is safe and stop acting stupid.


Every thing I write turns into sarcasm, but feel free to Email me at🐣

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