What’s With That Single Clap Huh?

Pardon me for not appreciating your abundant love

Alright, let's come straight to the point. No beating around the bush this time. This story is in honor of those highly acclaimed people who shower so much love on your stories that gathering all that love becomes a task.

So, you write poems, letters, historical facts, personal improvement stories, haikus appreciating nature, stock markets, interviews, observations, writing strategies, and whatnot. You put your life into that story and work for hours to make it readable material.

You proofread it, re-edit, search hours for the perfect cover image, make your brain tick all day as to how the story could get better. You leave no stone unturned to make it a pleasurable yet educative story for the masses.

Now coming to the masses. There are people who appreciate your story whole-heartedly. Whether you deserve or not, they generously give you 50 claps as a part of their encouraging gesture. There are others who weigh how many claps a story deserves and spare them thoughtfully. These types could be generous with the other stories by you if they like it. You can depend on this category to judge how your work really fared.

Now, let's talk about the creme category of people.

These are the ones who don't bother reading your story. They don't bother if your blood and soul were spilled all over the story. They don't give a rat’s ass if you showed your most vulnerable side to the world. And they definitely don't care if you gave them life-changing advice.

They just click on stories to give their share of donation-ONE CLAP.

This ‘one’ clap is a symbol that says,

‘’Look, whoever you are, and whatever you have been through, I don't care. Your story has mind-blowing facts that really amazed me but I will still give you just one clap.

I don't want you to be taking success to your head too soon. You have just started writing some cool stuff and if now I give you more claps, it may get into your head. So, keep scratching your ass and brains and give me a story that makes me wanna take that extra effort to click the mouse more than once, yeah.’’

My advice to those self-acclaimed influencers

Please reserve that one clap for someone’s ass. They could at least derive some pleasure from it. Because when I get a notification of getting claps on a story I wrote with a lot of love and dedication, and when I see there’s only a single clap, it irks me to the core.

Usually, I take all the comments and reactions in a positive way, but there is a certain boundary that defines what is encouraging and what is pure crap.

In your case, It feels more of an insult than an appreciation. It feels like you have done a big favor by wasting a moment of your precious life and dedicating it to our story. So no but thanks. Reserve your claps for your stories. Maybe one day when we get permission to clap for our own stories, you can save your precious clap for yourself. As it will be the only ONE for You.

Thank you very much for reading. Lots of love. Stay blessed!

Every thing I write turns into sarcasm, but feel free to Email me at bhavna88.bn@gmail.com.🐣

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