Well honestly, I am still a Kathak student but I have got several opportunities because of my Gurus to perform to both live Tabla music and recorded ones.

But the magic that is created when a dancer and the Tabla artist meet at the SUM is so mesmerising that I couldn’t think of any other instrument when I read about this challenge.

Tabla is just magical. It’s virtual representation is the ankle bells worn by the Kathak dancers and if one is a seasoned dancer, they even get to do a jugalbandi. That’s out of this world experience.

Reading words like sadhana, Guruji, riyaaz, from our western counterparts makes me so happy that it’s impossible to express. No wonder, your words and my responses have found the perfect SUM in each other i.e. love and respect for our respective art forms.

This will be the most cherishable message I ever received on this platform. Thankyou Victor for being such a wonderful person and artist that you are. And thank you for that honour you just gave me. Made me appreciate my art even more.

Every thing I write turns into sarcasm, but feel free to Email me at bhavna88.bn@gmail.com.🐣

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