This story is so emotional, Brajendra. Your story reminded me of a dog, Jimmy, that used to come to my house when my dad was alive. He had trained him to come at the same time everyday for meals and water. My dad used to play with him and my mom unsuccessfully tried to bathe him. Later, he would go and rub himself in dirt. And that following thing you mentioned. Omg, it really took me back to memory lane. Jimmy put himself and us into trouble by following us wherever we went. He once came in the lift too but had to go back cos my grandfather hated him. We thought we’d lost him, but he would always come back. Later he caught some disease and his behaviour changed into a violent one. He varnished one day. It hurt to see him in that state. Your love story reminded me of those beautiful days. Thankyou for sharing 😊🙏🌺

Every thing I write turns into sarcasm, but feel free to Email me at🐣

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