This will change the way you look at pirates

Photo by Sergey Semin on Unsplash

One of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean album can be heard singing, Yo, ho, ho! A pirate’s life for me. It makes a catchy lyric for sure. But the person who had written this had no idea, how unbelievably disgusting and disease-ridden, a pirate’s living conditions were.

The absence of…

You would be confused to decide if being a gladiator was a good thing or not


I know the term, ‘Gladiator’ took you back to your favorite hero, Russel Crowe, and his charming enemy Joaquin Phoenix. But, the representation of real-life gladiators in the movie was not even close to reality.

In ancient Rome, arena combat was an ingrained tradition that bridged the worlds of sports…

A pitiful poetry

A child begging on a local train (Wikimedia commons)

Those little feet
quick in between the cars
Those rough hands
holding the weight of candy jars
Those weary eyes
asking you a thousand questions
Those brain waves
expert at hiding aggression
Those little cheeks
forgotten how to smile
Those little dreams
afraid of committing a crime
Those little hopes
getting shattered on the road
No one cared about him
until one day his grief…

Bhavna Narula

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