Bon Appetit

In 1929, a massive stock market crash ushered in a nearly decade-long worldwide economic depression that would prove to be the most prolonged and widespread in recent history.

The rise of refrigeration, changes in the food supply chain, and the increased need for inexpensive meals led to a drastic change in the American diet. Getting food on the table was tough. And sometimes, using what was available led to rather some strange recipes.

Let us take a look at some weird foods people ate to get through the period of the Great Depression. …

This will change the way you look at pirates

One of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean album can be heard singing, Yo, ho, ho! A pirate’s life for me. It makes a catchy lyric for sure. But the person who had written this had no idea, how unbelievably disgusting and disease-ridden, a pirate’s living conditions were.

The absence of nutrition-rich food and constant exposure to unhygienic conditions made the sailors highly vulnerable to life-threatening illnesses. Plus, confined spaces on a ship and lack of access to clean water allowed these illnesses to spread to other crewmates quickly.

One look at the pirate hygiene conditions and you will find Caption…

I have learned to wear my past as a badge of honor

Hi everyone. My name is Bhavna Narula. And this story is all About Me.

I am a true Aquarian by nature — obstinate, eccentric, unconventional, and friendly. I have been born and brought up in Maharashtra, India.

I have earned a Diploma and a Postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management. I have also completed my B.ed (Teacher training program) in 2019 and since then have been working as a Teacher with an International Baccalaureate School.

I have been training in an Indian Classical dance form Kathak for the past 8 years and have performed at various events as well.

Now second time’s a charm!

I really am a brave girl. After an unsuccessful attempt with my first publication, I am here, once again with a brand new publication,

‘’Moon Light Confessions.’’

People often learn from their mistakes but I am not one of them.

Ever heard of the publication, ‘’HR Simplified’’? Of course, you haven’t. Because I never let it see the day of light.

Because this time it would be different as I won't be running it alone. This time I will have the support of my fellow writers on Medium to make this publication a success.

With this positivity in mind, I…

And if it does become a part, then consider it ended.

One afternoon I was going back home from work when I noticed a beggar. His appearance was pitiable. Clothes were obviously unwashed and so was he. I wanted to frown but when I thought about his living conditions, that frown turned into sympathy and heartache.

‘’What a terrible thing it is to be a beggar. You are at the mercy of others. There’s no security. No hope. No love. Nothing. Just a nameless identity roaming around the streets with nothing to look forward to.’’

This feeling created doom inside my heart.

The signal turned red and our side of vehicles…

Her accused is still alive and free

Aruna Shanbaug was born in 1948 in Haldipur, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka. She worked as a nurse at the King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEM) in Mumbai. At the time of the attack, she was engaged to a doctor employed at the same hospital.

The Day She Was Attacked

On the night of 27 November 1973, the then 25-year-old Shanbaug was sexually assaulted by Sohanlal Bhartha Walmiki, a sweeper on contract at the King Edward Memorial Hospital. Sohanlal attacked her while she was changing clothes in the hospital basement. He choked her with a dog chain and sodomized her.

This cut off oxygen to her brain, resulting…

Even the pussy cats agree with my arguments presented below

I was already bugged with the question of what came first, the egg or the chicken and then you’re confusing me about vaginas by calling them a pussy.

I spent an entire night thinking of these differences and you better not challenge them. First of all, Vaginas are nature’s most beautiful and mystical creations and cats are, well, just cats.

There’s no comparison between them at all.

But for the sake of it, I have listed down 13 reasons highlighting how different both of them are from each other. …

Bhavna Narula

Every thing I write turns into sarcasm, but feel free to Email me at🐣

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