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Even if the reader is a writer themselves

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‘’The wound made by hurting with fire will heal but the wound created by harsh words uttered using our tongue leaves an inedible scar.’’
— Thiruvalluvar

If I say mean comments don’t hurt me, then I would be lying. Every comment, whether good or bad creates an impression on my heart. The same is the case for most of the writers as well.

Every story a writer publishes feels like sitting through exams but on different topics. Once published, the author desperately waits for the results. …

Bon Appetit

Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash

In 1929, a massive stock market crash ushered in a nearly decade-long worldwide economic depression that would prove to be the most prolonged and widespread in recent history.

The rise of refrigeration, changes in the food supply chain, and the increased need for inexpensive meals led to a drastic change in the American diet. Getting food on the table was tough. And sometimes, using what was available led to rather some strange recipes.

Let us take a look at some weird foods people ate to get through the period of the Great Depression. …

This will change the way you look at pirates

Photo by Sergey Semin on Unsplash

One of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean album can be heard singing, Yo, ho, ho! A pirate’s life for me. It makes a catchy lyric for sure. But the person who had written this had no idea, how unbelievably disgusting and disease-ridden, a pirate’s living conditions were.

The absence of nutrition-rich food and constant exposure to unhygienic conditions made the sailors highly vulnerable to life-threatening illnesses. Plus, confined spaces on a ship and lack of access to clean water allowed these illnesses to spread to other crewmates quickly.

One look at the pirate hygiene conditions and you will find Caption…

Now second time’s a charm!

A loud image of author by the author

I really am a brave girl. After an unsuccessful attempt with my first publication, I am here, once again with a brand new publication,

‘’Moon Light Confessions.’’

People often learn from their mistakes but I am not one of them.

Ever heard of the publication, ‘’HR Simplified’’? Of course, you haven’t. Because I never let it see the day of light.

Because this time it would be different as I won't be running it alone. This time I will have the support of my fellow writers on Medium to make this publication a success.

With this positivity in mind, I…

A free verse poetry


Why is Alex so bright?
Why does Daisy always wear white?
What’s mother cooking tonight?
Does Ms. Hemsworth understand my plight?

Why is Catherine so cute?
Is Tina secretly eating a fruit?
Could I give a loud hoot?
Without creating any dispute?

Why am I feeling sleepy?
Why is Mark so creepy?
Why is the chalk so squeaky?
Ms. Hemsworth’s ponytail looks teepee.

When will we go to school?
When will we swim in the peppy pool?
When will I get to show my new cool?
Ms. Hemsworth should now change the rule.

I want to get my clothes dirty

Put on some saxophone music in the background before reading this one

Image courtesy by Currier and Ives, 1883

The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn and crosses the East River. It’s one of the top attractions in New York City, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the world, and it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964.

But building the bridge was a huge undertaking that took 14 years to complete and was fraught with tragedy.

We modern folks should know what an unimaginably complex and brutal undertaking, the construction of Brooklyn Bridge really was.

1. The Bridge Designer Died Before Construction Could Begin

An excruciatingly painful poetry

Photo by Alexandru Rotariu on Unsplash

Fed crackers while pregnant
Crushed beneath the legs, incessant.
Tied to a fish hook and beaten to death
Pushed off the terrace without holding a breath.
Raped and tortured for fun
Run over by a car; for help there was none.
Chained outside the house to face heat, cold, and rain
Your carcass could never reach the nearby drain.
Poached by notorious hunters
Skinned alive by cruel abductors.
Thrown out of your own house and
Made to watch your dying family and spouse.

Do you know why?
Because you're an animal.

You don't have a voice. …

Have you by any chance seen my old pen?

Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

This week it seems Medium is very happy with me. And why wouldn't I think so? Receiving 2 Top Writer tags in History and Life Lessons, and that too in just two days, says something right?

Getting acknowledged for a year of immense hard work, dedication, and passion gives you the boost you have always been looking for.

I, therefore, want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Mediums staff, readers, writers, and all my friends here, who have supported me no matter what, and made this sweet achievement possible.

When it comes to achievements, my Moon Light is not…

A micro poetry

Bhavna Narula

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