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15 Harry Potter Spells We All Need to Handle Corona Virus

How great that would be if the world could get rid of this Dark Mark, forever.

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First, we would render the virus in a dormant state.

Then make our surroundings sound-proof so no one can hear our conversations.

Once the sound-proofing is done, we tie up the virus with special ropes so it won’t be able to set itself free.

Then we use the disarming charm to further ensure it is rendered completely helpless.

Now comes the time to reveal if the virus has any other magical properties that can create further havoc on the earth.

Then we lock the doors of the entire building that are not visible to us. Yes, we should have doen this before, now sush.

Once the doors are shut closed, we confidently blindfold the virus to further up the torturing quotient.

We know from the various research that it can’t stand any chance to tickling, and therefore, we do just that.

Once it gets laughing and giggling like a maniac, we check the last spell it cast on earth.

We then cast a spell that cancels the effects of the evil spells caste by it on the human race.

We force the virus to let go of their ego that it has been holding for so long.

Once that is achieved, we can make the target obey each and every command.

To ensure our target has learned its lesson well, we make it reveal its thoughts at that very moment.

After teaching the virus a good lesson, we shrink it further to ensure its powers are reduced to nothing.

And we obviously don’t want the moral police behind us, and therefore, we erase all its memories using the memory charm.

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