10 Humour Quotes by Bhavna Narula

Each quote has an inbuilt sarcastic system

A woman and a little girl sharing a laugh (Image courtesy Pxhere.com)
A boss greeting his employee (Image courtesy Pxhere.com)

‘’Anger is the biggest of all hypocrites, it never shows in front of the Bosses.’’

A wall clock with nature-themed wallpaper (Image courtesy Open clipart)

‘’Can you lend me some patience, I lost mine when we met five minutes back.’’

A mad scientist with a trophy (Image courtesy creazilla.com)

‘’Gosh, you’re so talented. No wonder donkeys were looking for you with Oscars in their hands.’’

A giraffe standing quietly (Image courtesy creazilla.com)

‘’You want me to like you? Sure, let’s try shutting that pothole you call a mouth.’’

A doctor examines the brain (Image courtesy Pixabay)

‘’Penises have a brain of their own. Some of them need an urgent shock therapy.’’

A woman giving a sarcastic look (Picture courtesy Pixy.org)

‘’Excuse me, Did my face somehow shifted to my breasts?’’

A smiling president (Image courtesy FreeIMGart)

‘’When does a president become dangerous?

When he knows he’s hated and yet he wins.’’

A cute satan in wonder state (Image courtesy Pixabay)

‘’Is it time?’’ The husband asked.

‘Yes, but can we postpone this.’ The Satan replied.

‘’No thanks.’’ The husband affirmed.

Google search (Image courtesy pixy.org)

‘’Google is soon introducing a location finder for the penises who often land at wrong destinations.’’

An angry donkey (Image courtesy needpix.com)

A man chose to ride a donkey instead of the horse.

“And they call me an idiot.” Wondered, Bobo, the donkey.

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