Men close your eyes for this one


Your partner is sizzling hot and you two in bed resemble dry spices jumping up and down on a hot pan. But, sometimes the pan just isn’t hot enough. You know that the cylinder pipe has enough gas to heat things up, but you don’t want the pipe to reach the nozzle.

So what options you have as a woman in such cases?

Keeping feminism aside, I believe if you can trick a man to sleep with you, you should also know how to shoo them away when you're not in the mood.

Just Imagine yourself as a mosquito repellent…

I have learned to wear my past as a badge of honor

Image by the author before a dance performance in December 2019.

Hi everyone. My name is Bhavna Narula. And this story is all About Me.

I am a true Aquarian by nature — obstinate, eccentric, unconventional, and friendly. I have been born and brought up in Maharashtra, India.

I have earned a Diploma and a Postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management. I have also completed my B.ed (Teacher training program) in 2019 and since then have been working as a Teacher with an International Baccalaureate School.

I have been training in an Indian Classical dance form Kathak for the past 8 years and have performed at various events as well.

Creative Writing

I am not alive to see it but it is fine

Picture edited in paint by author

I died in the year 2021 and went to hell.

My job there was to fry people who were punished for their sins on earth like rapes, murders, theft, etc. They screamed their lungs out when I poured them in boiling hot oil, and that for me was quite heavenly.

It is 1st April, 3021, and I got to fry 32,180 people today.

That was a new record for me as well. I was spent from all that tossing and stirring of so many people. My head was spinning around and I needed to chill out for a while.



She is still eligible for an arranged marriage

Illustration from Pixabay edited in Paint

“Indians are obsessed with virginity, if you were thinking what’s my subtitle about.” — Bhavna Narula

So I have a family function to attend the following weekend and I DO NOT have any proper clothes for the occasion. I never do. I spent a third of my salary last month on clothes shopping, yet I am facing a clothes-deficit.

So I call up my best friend Vani to help me with the shopping. We both decided to meet at the megamall post-lunch. Because that’s the time, the COVID-19 virus is the least effective. That’s not proven research yet but only…


They deserve to be punished

A couple in California have been reported for destroying a famous nursery rhyme by their ever-so-spying neighbor, Mrs. Jones. According to the complaint filed by Mrs. Jones, the couple initiated their usual sex session with rather unusual foreplay last night.

When she heard it, Mrs. Jones could barely believe her ears. Thank god for her spying routine, Mrs. Jones always carries a recording instrument with her every time she stands up close to the couple’s bedroom window as her spying routine.

Here’s what her device caught —

Wife- Baba black sheep
Have you any wood?

Husband- Yes ma’am yes ma’am…

My Hero Handsome My love ❤❤❤❤❤

My Hero Handsome (My dearest Grandpa) Screenshot by author

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Grandpa
Happy Birthday to you.

It is that day again my dear grandpa, that made your granddaughter very happy. Wishing you after midnight, watching that cute toothless smile on your face, hugging you tightly, making your favorite sweet, showering you with little surprises throughout the day, and making you feel special.

That day has arrived yet again but I can’t do any of these. You have chosen to stay with the creator himself, and I dare not question that. …

Movie Review

***Spoiler Alert***

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

This was the first movie of Ben Affleck that I watched where he was playing an ordinary character. I had no idea about his body of work until I searched about him after watching this movie. So all my reviews are raw and authentic. About the lead actress, Rosamund Pyke, whom I shall be addressing as Rose from now on, I don’t think I have ever wanted to kill a character while they were still playing a protagonist in the movie.

Rose brought out that serial killer nerve in me.

I watched a movie released in 2014 Gone Girl. Honestly…

Have a good look before you flush down the contents

Photo by Phil Hearing on Unsplash

Except for a few parts of India, where toilets are still a luxury, everybody else poops in a toilet. But it wasn't always this luxurious to go and relieve yourself as it is today. It would be hard for you to believe that visiting the toilet used to be, once, a group activity. Disturbing, isn't it?

So how did we go from defecating in the open to sitting comfortably on a piece of art? …


Learn from my experience or go to hell

I have been entertained as a writer in 40 publications. All of them have a personality of their own. But I keep submitting my work to the ones I feel would go easy on my ego.

There are some pubs that are desperate to get one draft from me but I never spare them a look. There are some who will readily gobble whatever I shoot at them, no offense. And then there’s this final category of pubs, whom I want to get published with, desperately, but my stories are never good enough for them.

So which publication is my…

My worst investment so far is to lend money to friends. So far, it has all come to zero — Marc Faber

See the man watering and harvesting money from his money plant?

He has plants and shrubs in his garden that grow money. That means he has money and a lot of it.

Now coming to us.

Do we have any plants or shrubs at our house that could make us rich? Of course, we would love to, but the answer still remains the same —


Which means we have to be careful with the money we have. If not managed properly, we can face serious consequences in the future.

I too had lent money in 2020, to a senior…

Bhavna Narula

Every thing I write turns into sarcasm, but feel free to Email me at🐣

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